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Hi everyone, I am venturing into Mark’s blog to let you all know he is finally being airlifted out of the South Pole today.  He tells me that he is very cold (mm… I wonder why??) and that the flight will take about 3.5 hours!!  So 44 days in, 3.5hours out!! Anyway, once at Union [...]

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Family Man

Family Man Location : South Pole Last night I made my call home and spoke to Chloe, Harry and Mitchell.  As usual my heart ached and I could hear the ache in their hearts as well.  Today I woke to another day with no wind suitable for kite skiing.  I made up my mind there [...]

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Hot Stuff

  Well I spent another day at the South Pole due to low wind conditions and a whiteout. Hopefully I will be on the move tomorrow.  As I mentioned yesterday the staff at the Amundsen – Scott base gave me a sensational tour of centre.  The centre includes about eleven high level scientific projects operating [...]

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Just In…Photo’s of Mark at the Pole


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Welcome to The Mystery Tour

Location:  South Pole A massive day yesterday and today I would like to start a brand new chapter to our adventure together.  As I explained at the start of this blog I’d broken up this adventure into two components – south pole solo – which consisted of an unsupported solo trip from Hercules Inlet. If [...]

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South Pole Solo Success

South 90 degrees Distance 15nautical miles Time: reached 5.55pm Chile time which is about 10.55am Aussie time Weather: minus 30, 10 knot wind chill Snow: finally found some hard snow below the south pole mirror ball Hello everyone, it is with great pride and pleasure that I can announce the mission of South Pole Solo [...]

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Pump It Up

South 89 45.194  West 40 50.091 Distance: 17 nautical miles Time 10.5 hours Elevation: 2800m Weather: overcast and low visibility all day Snow: there will be no hard snow this season I put in a bigger day today to get me closer to the pole and to overcome this low visibility, snow showers, fog and [...]

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One Perfect Day

South: 89 29.634  West 58 18.688 Distance: 16.4 nautical miles Time: 10hours Elevation 2765metres Weather: the perfect weather day A perfect day for a walk.  The sky is clear and the wind negligible.  In fact it was pretty flat and I was all alone in this amazing dessert.  For hours I travelled, listening to the [...]

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