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Tired of Toein the Line

South 89 15.764  West 71 46.963 Distance: 15.9 nautical miles Elevation: 2754 Weather: mainly overcast and foggy – slight wind Snow: mixed bag and hard to navigate the fog. I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  I had so much on my mind I couldn’t get to sleep.  Then I kept on waking up [...]

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Toy Rabbit

South 89 00.198  West 75 23.518 Distance: 15.9nautical miles Elevation 2771m Time: 10 hours Weather minus 20 but not much wind today Snow:  yep! Hurrah I am at 89 degrees so only one more degree to go Keeping the blog simple today as Nicole is away for a night with good friends to have a [...]

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40 days and 40 nights

South 88 43.656. West 78 13.785 Distance 15.7 nautical miles Elevation 2726m Time 10 hours Weather nice clear sky, just wind Snow same as yesterday but a bit more talcum powder Well aft 40 days and 40 nights I feel like Noah. Except my ark is my sled and I still haven’t seen any animals. [...]

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Once in A Lifetime

South:  88 28.055  West 79 22 868 Distance: 15 nautical miles Elevation: 2717 Time: 10 gruelling hours Weather:  extremely cold, really had to work on my fingers today Snow:  soft snow all day but no sastrugi Any one who knows me well, say after me – “what?”, that’s right, today I had to trim my [...]

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Anger and Frustration

South 88 13.259 West 80.88.199 Distance: 14.5 nautical miles (recovered late late afternoon) Elevation: 2671m Time:  9.5 hours Weather: Overcast, snow showers and whiteout for 3 hours Snow: still sastrugi everywhere and impossible to see for most of the day I blew up today after lunch and called the Antarctica and snow every swear word [...]

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How Does It Feel?

South 87 58.814  West 80 58.482 Distance: 17.8 nautical miles Elevation: 2612metres Time: 10.25hours Weather: snowy for most of the day then the rest ok Snow: fourth day of sastrugi-hopefully it’s over tomorrow As my song for the day goes….how does it feel? So how does it feel waking up after New Years Eve Celebrations? [...]

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New Year Resolutions

South 87 41.416  West 81 50.560 Distance: 15.5nautical miles Elevation: 2492m Weather:  strong winds around 20knots, visibility ok Snow: sastrugi all day and snow very chalky and slow.  Yuk. If you are going to make a new year’s resolution and ski the south pole – speak to me first!  Hopefully any NY resolutions you make [...]

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Know When To Fold’em

South 87 25.736  West 81 50.854 Distance: 14.8 nautical miles (ok under circumstances) Elevation: 2417m Time: 8.5hrs Weather: overcast then whiteout then freezing Snow: even sastrugi, sastrugi, sastrugi Today seemed to have everything.  The first 5 hours or so I had decent visibility which was much needed due to a large rugged sastrugi.  Then after [...]

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