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Where am I:  South 80 35.762 West 20 11.088 Distance from Camp 3 is 11.1 nautical miles (not happy!!!). Time: 8 hours 45minutes plus some breaks Weather: a lot colder, 10 knot winds in my face all day and freezing I have also climbed to around 786 metres in elevation from being dropped off at [...]

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Where am I?  South 80 24.799 West 80 20.821.  This is from Camp 3, 12.5 nautical miles (23.15km), time travel 8.5hrs, weather nice today, blue skies and light winds.  Terrain variable and still very heavy snow, hoping for better terrain soon.   Still getting into the groove of things here and toughening up my muscles.  I don’t [...]

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There will be times like these

Started the day in pretty good weather and went as long as I could.  I had to call the day early as I did a ski tip. Hopefully this is not too debilitating, I have done some repairs which I am hoping will hold together for the rest of the journey. Then my stove didn’t [...]

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Second day on skis dragging my sled and first time I got out my headphones to try and motivate myself and to continue through a 35 knot wind straight at my face.  I got my iPhone out and listened for the next hour to Thunderstruck by ACDC. I accidentally pressed the repeat button when selecting [...]

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D Day at Last

Finally I got dropped off at Hercules Inlet at 12pm today, so the clock starts ticking. I had a very hard day, the sled weighs 100 kilograms and really deep snow at the start.  I am only wearing half skins on my skis which is giving me little grip. So I spent 2 hours floundering [...]

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I had another  title in mind but decided to use this one.  Argh! In summary, ALE have been trying to do their best to clear a backlog and a Norwegian team who had been waiting 17 days to start their expedition took priority and my flight got delayed.  Don’t they know who I am?  Apparently [...]

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Let the adventure begin!!

I will be heading out late morning to Hercules Inlet…..let the adventure begin!!

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Preparation & Waiting


After waiting a few days doing preparation and testing everything is going ok although I’m bit annoyed my ski pants are a bit tight after a ten week intensive fat-athon.  Does my bum look big in these ski pants – you bet! Unfortunately they are a bit restrictive and a bit tight and this isn’t [...]

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