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Wish You Well

South 85 38.522  West 81 28.681 Distance: 13.7 nautical miles Time: 9.5 hours Weather:  barmy Snow:  soft again, weather has been warmer so snow softer and tougher.  bring it on…. Here in my own little (big) world out here I have been totally sheltered by all the Christmas fever that hits us each year.  It [...]

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South 85 24.849  West 81 30.103 Distance: 12.7  nautical miles (happy with this because of conditions) Time:  9 hours  ( I stopped early to build a snow wall around a wall) Weather: 30-35 knot head wind all day Snow:  like skiing on brie cheese (soft and very sticky) Gee it was a tough day both [...]

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Half Way At Last!

Camp:  85° 12’ 142” South   81° 28’ 335” West Distance: 15.4 nautical miles (28.5 km) Time:  9.5 hours Weather:  whiteout this morning then overcast Snow:  like trying to ski on mash potato Ok I have finally made it to half way.  It has taken a lot longer than I hoped due to the snow dumped [...]

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Thank You

Camp:  84° 56’ 824” South   81° 17’ 100” West Distance: 16.3 nautical miles (30.1 km) Time:  9.75 hours Weather:  amazingly still and quite barmey, minus 15 degrees Snow:  like running up sand dunes all day. Gosh. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up to date with my blog and taking the journey with [...]

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Roll With It

Camp:  84° 40’ 473” South   81° 03’ 058” West Distance: 15.3 nautical miles (28.5 km) Time:  9.25 hours Weather:  10 knots in my face until early arvo then dropped off Snow:  frustratingly soft all day, will have to roll with it Here is a little more info about my routine for the day. I usually [...]

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South: 84 25.508  West 80 36 .417 Distance: 16.2 nautical miles (30km) Time: 9.5 hours Weather:  clear with a lighter head wind Snow: better than previous days Icicles today and not a cloud in sight.  It is my little girl’s birthday and her mum’s.  Icicles formed as i was thinking of them as I skied [...]

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Diamonds In The Snow

South 84 09.442  West 80 19.005 Distance: 15.1 (28km) Time: 9.5 hours but very character building Snow: softer today and had to tough it out in 20-25knot winds all day As I headed off into a strong head wind, I looked into the snow below me and could see hundreds of glistening diamonds reflecting in [...]

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Working On It

South 83 53.417 West 80 09.174 Distance 16.2 nautical miles (30km) Time: 9.5 hours Weather: sunny then poor visibility Snow: massive sastrugi all morning, which made navigation tricky but it opened up in afternoon.  Tough day but happy with distance. When I was a kid I used to loved to watching Grissly Adams, a TV [...]

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