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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo


I had another  title in mind but decided to use this one.  Argh!

In summary, ALE have been trying to do their best to clear a backlog and a Norwegian team who had been waiting 17 days to start their expedition took priority and my flight got delayed.  Don’t they know who I am?  Apparently not – in fact, no one does.

I was all psyched up and all packed up and ready to go so it was a huge disappointment to be delayed this morning but I can’t change that so I had to have a cup of tea and some music and to rebase.

Then in the afternoon I heard there’s a possibility I may fly out  tonight.  If this happens it will be a long night.  I will get there and just camp for a day and then start off in the morning when the clock will start ticking.

ALE are doing a fantastic job  in trying to help in trying conditions and I’m grateful if the flight actually happens later on and I’ll let you know when I start the journey.

Fingers crossed.

Mark ‘Georgie’ George

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  1. EPS Grade 1/2's Nov 25, 2011

    Dear Mr george,

    We have been reading your blogs and are very excited and nervous for you to begin your adventure!! We loved hearing about your climb up everest and cant wait to share this ‘solo’ adventure with you.

    we wish you all the best (that’s 96 people’s worth!!!) and of course chloe’s wishes count for double!!!!!!!

    jasper; “I hope you have lots of fun”
    felix; “good luck!”
    miss martin; “enjoy the butter!”
    bonnie; “keep warm!”
    lucinda; “have a great time!”
    Miss Moorhouse; “I hope you get on that flight soon!”
    Mrs williams; “why?”

    we are very proud to have met you and to be able to follow your ‘walk’.

    we promise to look after chloe (between the hours 9-3.30, mon-fri) and give her lots of hugs!!!

    all the best, happy walking,

    lots of love,

    allllll of the grade one’s and two’s
    jsj, jsi, jsk, jsl.

  2. alex whaley Nov 25, 2011

    dear mark,
    i am very excited by your trip. last christmas my family went to the arctic circle in lapland and it was so cold. i will be reading your blog every day to see how you go and i also like adventures. i’m really nervous and really looking forward to your trip.

    i just want to know:will you see any penguins? also is there still a lot of snow? will you bump into any other adventurers on your travels?

    from alex

  3. Olive & Lucinda (chloe's friends) Nov 25, 2011

    dear mr george,
    we hope you have a great journey. We will be watching when you go on the computer & we will be supporting you.
    have fun walking!!! keep warm!!!!
    hope you like the butter!
    we have you make it to the south pole!
    love olive & lucinda

  4. DYlan ridgy Nov 26, 2011

    Hi Georgie Dyl ridgy here good lUck hope u get off sOon

  5. Olive & Lucinda (chloe's friends) Nov 26, 2011

    dear mr george me (olive) and lucinda can’t wait until you start your journey starts were excited to hear the next story about your south pole walk .can’t wait until you tell usyour next journey .happy walk love olive and lucinda

  6. ht Nov 26, 2011


  7. small cars Nov 27, 2011

    Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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