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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo


Where am I?  South 80 24.799 West 80 20.821.  This is from Camp 3, 12.5 nautical miles (23.15km), time travel 8.5hrs, weather nice today, blue skies and light winds.  Terrain variable and still very heavy snow, hoping for better terrain soon.  

Still getting into the groove of things here and toughening up my muscles.  I don’t want to go too hard and wear myself out  for this long journey.  The ski tip repairs are holding up ok but it is still hard going when the sled gets caught in the soft snow. Listened to part of an audio book today called Blink, very interesting on the psychology of the subconscious then I got blown away and had to turn it off. 

Song of day, tribute to Nicole, Fleetwood Mac, “You make loving fun”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFZMgf6M5KM)  I played it three times over thinking of you dear.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Mark ‘Georgie’ George


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  1. Grade 1 / 2 Carrum Primary school Nov 29, 2011

    Hi Georgie,
    This is Sam Ridgway’s class. We are looking at your adventure on the website.

    We hope that the weather improves soon so that you can begin your journey. Please stay safe, because Slammer and all your other friends want you back home, healthy and well very soon.

    We wish you all the luck in the world.
    Grade 1/2 K

  2. EPS Grade 1/2s Nov 29, 2011

    Dear Mark,

    Hello again!! We have just arrived back from Swimming (Chloe is having a blast at lessons) and are enjoying your blog.

    We think the Beatles are really motivating if you have any of their music. We also LOVE LOVE LOVE the song Dynamite and it makes us crazy so if you have that listen to it!

    Chloe told us your favourite songs and we love them too!!!

    Hope you stay strong and the weather treats you well.

    All our love and big fat hugs from JSJ, JSK, JSL and JSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James Louis Collins Nov 29, 2011

    Dear Mark “Georgie” George
    Do not put on Dynamite Just put on Back in black or boulorvard of broken dreams,

  4. NANETTE Nov 29, 2011

    Oh Mark, I wish I could buy you a coffee!!! All I can think of is you pulling that tyre along the beach and imagining what it is like now. Good Luck S-I-L.

  5. shark Nov 29, 2011

    Eva says Hi, her inspirational quote for you is “May the Force be with you”

  6. Greigga Nov 29, 2011

    It sounds as though you are getting into the rhythm now mate.
    Glad to hear you have a good selection of music to choose from to keep you moving forward.
    Any songs from the ‘Black Magnets’ and their last stand at the famous Oakleigh Hotel. “Mustang Sally” maybe….
    Forge on my friend!

  7. TG & Jan Nov 30, 2011

    G’day MG, 23k in 8.5 hours sounds pretty good; hope the weather stays good for you. You are featured on the Wandi Pub notice board and plenty of people are following your journey. Went to the headwaters of the Dandongadale River yesterday; trout galore!! Then did great 4WD trip from Lake Cobbler to Abbeyards. Stay safe and enjoy, tonnes of love, Jan & TG

  8. mattymays Dec 22, 2011

    hi http://www.theadventureinstinct.com.au-ers merry xmas to every one – matt

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