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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

Surfing Sastrugi

South 87 11.162  West 80 58.709
Distance:  16.7nautical miles
Elevation: 2272m
Time: 9.5hours
Weather:  getting colder the higher and closer i get to the pole – temp about minus 20 and 10 knot head wind
Snow:  Sastrugi all day except for a 2 hour patch
Just to keep you in the picture I started this trip at sea level at Hercules Inlet and need to climb uphill to reach the south pole which sits at a height of about  2835m. (yes taller than all our mountains in Australia).  Then there is the constant head wind that I have to ski into.
And of course, there is the sastrugi – and at 87degrees, it has made a massive comeback.  Today was like skiing in never ending waves and reminded me of a surf beach…some being about 2 feet high but some close to 10feet.
It is very hard to get a good rhythm going and it is a bit tricking standing on your feet considering you are towing your sled which takes off in all directions.
I was very surprised I went so far in these conditions and I did go like the clappers for 2 hours when there was no sastrugi.
Sastrugi continues until about 88 degrees so i am going to have to keep on surfing for a bit longer
Song for the Day  Beach Boys – Surfin USA   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbRKfieMsdQ
Groover, thanks for your messages and my back is holding up well, thanks mate you got into it early for me
Mark ‘Georgie’ George
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  1. shark Dec 29, 2011

    Aussies beat the Indians today in Boxing day Test. Man of the Match – James pattinson. India 282 & 169 were beaten by Aust 333 & 240. Pattinson 6 wkts & 55 runs, Hilfenhaus 7 wkts, Siddle 6 wkts & 45 runs. Aussie Bats struggled with Hussey scoring 89 in 2nd inn after 0 in 1st. Ponting made 2 half centuries. Ed Cowan opening in debut scored 68 in 1st Inn. David Warner is now opening batting in Test team – scored century last test vs Kiwis. 1 nil up in 4 test series vs India.

  2. Tezza Dec 30, 2011

    Hey Fella, i can’t help but notice the number of head winds you encounter….lets hope they are still blowing the same way for the trip home.
    Update Bruce’s boat is currently coming 69th and with 140 nm to go. We are looking forward to the Ridgy’s visit early in the new year with plenty of water activities when they arrive. keep going strong thinking of you heaps, prestons

  3. Goffy Dec 30, 2011

    Now I know what “sastrugi” is! You’re never too old to learn something new! Sounds like your ski tip repair is being well tested. A question for you: If the wind almost always comes from the south in Antarctica, where does all the air come from? Does it drop down from the jet stream at the pole?
    Wishing you smooth, firm snow and light winds. Keep strong and stay safe, The Goffs

  4. Jimbo Dec 30, 2011

    How far to go mate?? I am exhausted reading about this bloody crazy adventure of yours???
    Hurry up & jump on that kite surf thingo for F*&k sake!

  5. Groover Dec 30, 2011

    Good work Georgie.
    Looks like you are back on schedule after the horrendous conditions early on.
    Another 10-12 days or so at this pace then hopefully you can tick off another goal and begin another countdown.
    A massive physical effort so far.
    May Ben, butter, body and spirit take you further every day.

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