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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

New Year Resolutions

South 87 41.416  West 81 50.560

Distance: 15.5nautical miles
Elevation: 2492m
Weather:  strong winds around 20knots, visibility ok
Snow: sastrugi all day and snow very chalky and slow.  Yuk.
If you are going to make a new year’s resolution and ski the south pole – speak to me first!  Hopefully any NY resolutions you make tonight also includes some quality time outdoors in this amazing world of ours.
I have quite a few New Year resolutions seeing I have had plenty  of time to think recently.
I know there will be lots of parties and celebrations, so enjoy.
Song for the Day:  Firework by Katy Perry  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw
Best wishes to everyone for 2012
Mark ‘Georgie’ George
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  1. TRAV Dec 31, 2011

    Hey Georgie,

    Happy New Year in the winter wonderland!!!

    Lacking instruction from a technical guru, I managed to blog in the wrong section earlier but I’m sure you’ll work that out.

    Keep on blowing out those cobwebs!!

  2. shark Dec 31, 2011

    If you haven’t heard Nobby made it to Hobart today in Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Great effort – arrived at around 1.30pm today so he will have New Years with Kate & the boys. Happy New Year mate! Cheers to you!

  3. Dr Dave Dec 31, 2011

    Keep at it Georgie. I was thinking of you all the way up Mt Buffalo the other week. Inspired to keep pushing on. Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the bike next year.

  4. Daniel feller Dec 31, 2011

    You’re an in spiring fella mate and doing an amazing thing, we all miss you here and i’m looking forward to buying you a very decent steak and a good bottle of wine for dinner when you get back. All the Fellers were round at your’s earlier for a swim, all good here….

    Happy new year


  5. JIMBO Dec 31, 2011

    Happy New Year mate. A very special song that means a hell of a lot to me and Margs family.
    happy new year Magnets and all friends of this amazing bloke!
    Onwards and upwards!
    NYE resolution for me- get to single figures.i can hear the laughter from here!

  6. Mongrel Jan 01, 2012

    Happy New Year bud – keep safe, keep going and keep warm

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