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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

How Does It Feel?

South 87 58.814  West 80 58.482
Distance: 17.8 nautical miles
Elevation: 2612metres
Time: 10.25hours
Weather: snowy for most of the day then the rest ok
Snow: fourth day of sastrugi-hopefully it’s over tomorrow
As my song for the day goes….how does it feel?
So how does it feel waking up after New Years Eve Celebrations?
And how does it feel your body smashed by 4 days of sastrugi?
I reckon we would be feeling pretty similar right now.
I need some new shockers and you need some new brain cells.
Hoping that when I hit 88 degrees it will flatten out and I can cover some good ground.
Getting Closer!
Song for the Day  Blue Monday by New Order  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw5uUZkcio8
For those in Victoria, enjoy the heat, we both have the same temperatures except mine has a minus in front of it.
All the best for 2012
Mark ‘Georgie’ George
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  1. Tezza Jan 01, 2012

    Happy New year…. We have had a great day and not to dusty. Took Sheppy, James, and my girls out fishing this arvo, no fish but very enjoyable. Tomorrow i have somehow been talked into swimming the Yamba blue water classic (2K’s). So Midday tomorrow the beer will taste very good. One step at a time, keep up the great work .

  2. Mongrel Jan 01, 2012

    Aa I sat on Lorne beach today roasting and enjoying the view it dawned on me that our current locations are poles apart!

  3. Stephen Walton Jan 02, 2012

    All the best for the New Year. May you soon be enjoying a warm night’s sleep in your own bed free from the pain of your exertions. Keep placing one foot in front of the other, I wish I could. Thanks for letting me journey with you…to boldly go where no wheelchair can go.

  4. Lamby Jan 02, 2012

    Am just finishing off a few jobs around the house. Nicole has often described your masterful skills with the drill, circular saw and plane (not the thing you fly in, the thing you shave doors down with). I was going to offer to fix anything that needed fixing at your house while you were away, but then thought it would not be to your very high standards. Perhaps we can knock together a cubby for the kids in the shape of the Vinson Massif on your return. Lamby

  5. lisa Jan 02, 2012

    Will never forget that famous line of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam”why its so damned hot you could cook in ‘em”.I think he mean’t his jocks.Saw out the old year in Balnarring with a few bottles and rediscovered brain on the 2nd jan.Happy new year so far,so dear,so near to your destination its exhilarating.Think a bottle of champagne is on the cards the day you arrive and I’m sure Chris and Barb will help me drink it.Watching eagerly.xxx

  6. Ridgy Jan 02, 2012

    Hi champ happy new year 40 degrees tday 2nd Jan. Had some drinks for u on new years. U continue to inspire us all. Be brave. Cheers. The ridgys

  7. John Roddy Jan 02, 2012

    Mark –
    Good to see you’re in good shape – keep it up!

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