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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

Anger and Frustration

South 88 13.259 West 80.88.199
Distance: 14.5 nautical miles (recovered late late afternoon)
Elevation: 2671m
Time:  9.5 hours
Weather: Overcast, snow showers and whiteout for 3 hours
Snow: still sastrugi everywhere and impossible to see for most of the day
I blew up today after lunch and called the Antarctica and snow every swear word I could come up with.
I was hopeful that after 88 degrees the snow would be good and I could have a solid day. In the end after battling through poor visibility all morning after lunch I found myself in a head wind, in a large sastugi area, in a whiteout.
I couldn’t tell if my next step was going to be a 3 foot rise or a 3 foot fall.  I was so angry and frustrated I let it all go.
Then after about an hour I stopped and had a laugh.  Took a few deep breaths and changed my self talk and just went with the flow.  Very Very slowly and carefully!
I am sharing this with you so you know just how your emotions can take you over out here.  It is especially frustrating seeing I am so close to the pole and days like these mean it will take an extra day.
mmmm we will just have to wait and see.  Don’t worry I have had a good session with Ben the tree frog and I am fine.
Song for Today “Many Rivers to Cross” by Tony Childs  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2NZd78oQ7E
from Biblical Mark ‘Georgie’ George
(from Nicole….a know a lot of you have asked me what sastrugi is, it is a pattern on the ice sheet carved by winds. It can form up to 1m high uneven waves along the wind direction, so the inland snow field in Antartica is not flat due to sastrugi.  I beleive they use the patterns to determine prevailing wind directions and changes)   here is a picture I have grabbed from last year’s climb to show you)
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  1. Mongrel Jan 02, 2012

    Only human, fighting mother nature – can not beat her everyday!

  2. Gary Ryan Jan 02, 2012

    Georgie you really are amazing! Can’t blame you for blowing up and you are extra amazing for telling us. As Mongrel Jan says you’re only human – although probabaly more human than the rest of us given your courage! Keep eating it up one step at a time.
    Gary Ryan
    (a Rusden gummy you, Fuzzy and Fitter ‘influenced’ back in ’87)

  3. Bruce CRaig Jan 02, 2012

    Finally the Georgie (MFG) I know. Swearing your head off. Laughed with you mate – more of the same please. Bruce

  4. shark Jan 03, 2012

    better out than in mate, good to let the world know how you feel. Keep grinding mate and you’ll win!

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