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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

Once in A Lifetime

South:  88 28.055  West 79 22 868
Distance: 15 nautical miles
Elevation: 2717
Time: 10 gruelling hours
Weather:  extremely cold, really had to work on my fingers today
Snow:  soft snow all day but no sastrugi
Any one who knows me well, say after me – “what?”, that’s right, today I had to trim my moustache – absolutely hilarious.  My few strands have ventured over my lips and were getting in the way.  Now pick yourself off the floor after laughing so hard and move on.
I know Gillette reckons a real man needs a shaver with five blades but the single blade one I have had since I was 13 is still quite sharp and continues to do the job.
Once in a lifetime I ever get to trim a moustache.
Once in a lifetime I get a leave pass for so long from Nicole.
Once in a lifetime I will miss Christmas and be away for so long from my kids.
Once in a lifetime experience I am delighted to share with you.
Song of the Day:  It couldn’t be anything but “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1wg1DNHbNU
Yours in manhood
Mark ‘Georgie’ George
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  1. shark Jan 03, 2012

    great song choice mate, always one of my favourites!
    As for the Moustache, post a photo, take a photo, pluck a hair because I don’t believe you!! Aussies bowled out India for 191 at SCG. Pattinson 4wkts, Siddle & Hilfenhaus 3 wkts. Aus are 2/8, Warner and Marsh out already after 13 balls. Cheers

  2. Greigga Jan 03, 2012

    Once in a lifetime you may get the opportunity to spend time in one of the last true World Heritage Wilderness areas. It sounds as though you are relishing the opportunity, while respecting why the Antarctic really has proved such a challenging allure for the brave of heart. Drink it all in my friend.
    Ps. How’s the serenity??

  3. Ridgy Jan 03, 2012

    Hi mate.having a balmy ballina night with Tezza we don’t believe youhave whiskers.leave them on they will keep you warm. Soldier on. Cheers ridgys and prestons

  4. fuzzy Jan 03, 2012

    bloody hot here.fingers only cold when getting a stubby from fridge.no sastrugi in my backyard either.keep the mo going till you get home.should be good for a laugh.as you know “if it was easy everyone would do it.”
    keep focussed.

  5. Ben mcdonell Jan 04, 2012

    Hi mark
    how was Christmas with the penguins.good luck with the rest of your trip and a happy new year.
    Ben and Matt

  6. Melinda mcdonell Jan 04, 2012

    comment Hi Bro, sounds like your near to the end! How fantastic,keep up the good work, love reading the blogs and updates. No sunshine at Inverloch today but apparently 2.2 m waves. Love you Melin x

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