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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

Tired of Toein the Line

South 89 15.764  West 71 46.963

Distance: 15.9 nautical miles
Elevation: 2754
Weather: mainly overcast and foggy – slight wind
Snow: mixed bag and hard to navigate the fog.
I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  I had so much on my mind I couldn’t get to sleep.  Then I kept on waking up every 45minutes or so wondering if it was time to get up.  So may be 4hours at best and I felt pretty lethargic all day.  Shows you how important a good night sleep is to maximise performance, which I didn’t do today.  Hopefully I can get a better sleep tonight.
Song for the Day, a one hit classic, Tired of Toein the Line  by Rocky Burnette http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYZjIZxcB18
Thanks for all your positive messages and support.  Also special thanks to the magnets who are delighting me with their ‘interesting’ humour
Mark ‘Georgie’ George
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  1. shark Jan 06, 2012

    Could it be with your hair and facial “growth” that you possibly look a little like Rocky Burnette by now! sleep well mate and then back toein it tomorrow.

  2. Ridgu Jan 06, 2012

    Hi mate.you are on the verge of a very special achievement brave and strong for a little bloke. I admire your courage and can’t wait to see you home. Cheers ridgy

  3. Ridgy Jan 06, 2012

    Hi mate. You are on the verge of a wonderful acheivement brave courageous and strong for a little bloke. Can’t wait to see you safe home.cheers ridgy

  4. groover Jan 06, 2012

    Congratulations on your massive achievements so far. A huge physical effort, not to mention the daily and nightly mental battles. Well done.
    All the best for staying focussed for the equivalent of the cricket nervous nineties as your body and mind get more fatigued.
    Hope you’ve got plenty of tucker left and the time and desire to fly the kite. Good on you. The Groovers.

  5. Greigga Jan 06, 2012

    The clan is down at Inverloch following every step/ski. Half the house has been painted while you’ve been south. Robbie has not stopped and the house and new deck look amazing. He said he wished he had you by his side coaching him on the finer skills of carpentry. He also wants Ridgy back to do more painting, which he loves. (Picasso). We’re all with you and planning a 90 degrees celebration on the deck down the beach tomorrow night. (Because we need another excuse to celebrate and drink).
    Tally Ho our friend!!
    The Magnets

  6. Melinda Jan 06, 2012

    Hey bro , keep up the good work , so proud of you ( as always) keep up with your positive attitude. Want to hear about your kite surfing! Your ACE !! Love Melin and the boys xxx

  7. Trav Jan 06, 2012

    It sounds like you need a game or two of five hundred to put you to sleep. Less than a degree to go. A phenomenal effort. Keep on keeping on!

  8. Black Magnets Jan 07, 2012

    Just sitting with Nobby re-living his Sydney to Hobart stories.
    Shit, I hope you didn’t vomit as much as he did.
    Gotta see the funny side.
    Enjoy the freeze dried tandoori chicken tonight.
    Greigga & Co.

  9. tezza Jan 07, 2012

    Hello fella, it all sounds great down at inverloch….It would be fantastic to be all there together. Keep those nauticle miles pumping and just catch a plane home, save the kite surfing for when you come up here

  10. NameMick Day Jan 07, 2012

    Have finally gotten to your site off the iPhone where I can read the content. Amazing effort to date Goergie. You are a huge inspiration to all. I’ll spend some time now reading your past entries. Keep positive and focussed.

  11. Mongrel Jan 07, 2012

    Keep going bud – you need to get back soon as Shark is spreading some bad info about your beloved Richo

  12. Lamby Jan 07, 2012

    Georgie, it is always darkest before the dawn …. mmmm, except in the South Pole in Summer. Mate you are at the front of the Peleton punching into the wind, without respite or help, but we are all behind you. If you are at 89 deg. then must only be 3 or 4 days to go … nice and steady, have a good feed and rest when you get there.

  13. Melinda mcdonell Jan 07, 2012

    Hi Bro , thinking of you , keep up the good work! Go for it with all your might, thinking of you always . Melin and the boys x x

  14. Tonza Jan 07, 2012

    Hi Georgie, right now you’re so close to achieving your goal. Keepfocused on the small steps and the end result will take care of itself. Wish there was more we could do to help you get there. Just know our thoughts are with you.

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