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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

One Perfect Day

South: 89 29.634  West 58 18.688

Distance: 16.4 nautical miles

Time: 10hours
Elevation 2765metres
Weather: the perfect weather day
A perfect day for a walk.  The sky is clear and the wind negligible.  In fact it was pretty flat and I was all alone in this amazing dessert.  For hours I travelled, listening to the sound of my ski’s on the snow, the sled being pulled behind me and my breathing.  I thought much about home and all the special people who lived there.
I have to detour the way you access the pole through the US base camp and have about 30 nautical miles to go (see the picture below).  I know the weather is forecast to change for the worst so today I enjoyed it for what it was.
Song for the Day  ”One Perfect Day” by Little Hero’s  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01CXvTZo2Y4
I got some sleep last night and thanks for those messages of support….Trav, a game of Five Hundred would have been great last night!!
Mark “Georgie” George
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  1. fuzzy Jan 07, 2012

    lennybe won in adelaide. Axe says will win next week also.So close you must be pumped. very exciting stuff.Don’t let your guard down.Hold fast.

  2. SHARK Jan 07, 2012

    Go you good thing!!! Get the job done mate! Cheers

  3. Trav Jan 07, 2012

    Almost there now … don’t forget to take some time to smell the roses and soak up the awesomeness of where you are and what you’ve accomplished. And also a little reminder … remember to take more than 2 photos!!

  4. Mongrel Jan 07, 2012

    So close – focus dude: had a connection with you a few minutes ago when I was shelling some frozen prawns and my hands got a little cold…….

  5. Greigga & Co Jan 07, 2012

    A detour for an American base?! Don’t they know who you are?
    Magnets all sitting around the Inverloch dinner table after a great feast whipped up by Tonza.
    Needless to say, our conversation is a lot about you – and the surf, sun, kids, wine, etc.
    Tally Ho our friend!!

  6. Tezza Jan 07, 2012

    Not far now…..Have you got Herald sun “Map Man” helping you out ? Looking forward to the next installment. I”m sure you are feeling as excited as we are, Great stuff

  7. lmg Jan 08, 2012

    Thought you would be there by now….what in the hell have you been doing?Heading to wandi tomorrow so will have a drink at the bar and get ready to shout everyone a drink.Please think of your timing as the place gets really busy between five and six.Tom wants you to have a great day.we are right beside you.xxx

  8. HT Jan 08, 2012

    Go Georgie. Closing in on your goal – well done. Caught up with Bruce C, Ty and JC and Richard B at the Pier 2 Pub y’day. Our challenge ever so smal cf yours, but yours gave us inspiration.

  9. Stephen Walton Jan 08, 2012

    So close yet so…close! You’re nearly there. Amazing, keep it up.

  10. Sheppy Jan 08, 2012

    Georgie not too far to go now, enjoy and savour the moment.
    Wish we could be at the south pole to you meet you there!
    Will have to wait until you arrive home.
    Did a check for you,… your expecting mostly cloudly, extremely cold -29*C at the pole, ps. keep an eye out for the post that looks like a barber’s shop post!! Cheers

  11. NameRidgy Jan 08, 2012

    Stay strong,be safe.following your every step from yamba dad too has followed u the whole way. Cheers. Ridgy

  12. Ridgy Jan 08, 2012

    Stay strong be safe. At yamba now.from the eastern tip of our continent we wish u well as you approach th southern tip of yours. Cheers all the ridgways

  13. Anna Jan 08, 2012

    Go go go Georgie!!! We are so excited for you that you are so close now! Enjoy the achievement when you get there, it truly is an amazing achievement. Take some time to let it all sink in, and then get the hell out of there as quick as possible, Mitchell called Scott Daddy all last week, the poor kid needs his Dad back!!! (so does your amazing wife and beautiful kids!!). xxx

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