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Georgie(who is this guy?)

South Pole solo

Pump It Up

South 89 45.194  West 40 50.091

Distance: 17 nautical miles
Time 10.5 hours
Elevation: 2800m
Weather: overcast and low visibility all day
Snow: there will be no hard snow this season
I put in a bigger day today to get me closer to the pole and to overcome this low visibility, snow showers, fog and low cloud.
You have taken the journey with this so far it looks like our main mission and goal is achievable tomorrow.
All going to plan by early evening, South Pole Solo will become a reality.  I am very occupied getting everything in order in the tent to think about it too much just now, ie everything is still frozen, need to eat to have plenty of strength etc.
But the adrenalin will kick in and I am about to listen to a favourite oldie of mine.
Song for the Day:  ”Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpprOGsLWUo
One more sleep.
Mark “Georgie” George
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  1. Tezza Jan 08, 2012

    Pump it up….I’m pumped, go you good thing

  2. Bruce Craig Jan 08, 2012

    So snow doesn’t make you look taller then?

  3. Ridgy Jan 08, 2012

    We r all pumped for u.make sure you visit the butchers when u get there.luv all the ridgys

  4. shark Jan 08, 2012


  5. Terry & Jan Jan 08, 2012

    Everyone is pumped for you MG. Hope you can sleep tonight, you’d have to after 10.5 hours and 17 nauticals!! We’ll open the bar as soon as we get the good news, but we’ll keep a special bottle until you get home; God speed you on tomorrow, Love Jan & TG

  6. Deano Jan 08, 2012

    I cant see any beard or moustache. Must have cleaned up for the big arrival.

  7. Hadyn hewitt Jan 08, 2012

    Hi Mark, I’m a friend of a neighbors of yours (Thommo) and I’ve been avidly following your progress. I thought my 6 Kokoda treks as a guide was pretty cool but your achievement(s) is truly inspiring. Congratulations and Good luck for tomorrow or the next or next. Whatever day, you’ve done well. I cant wait to get your next email. If you’re up for a 96km walk in the jungle in PNG in April, let me know! Cheers, Hadyn

  8. Neil Jan 08, 2012

    Ok Georgie you’ve been dragging the chain (and God knows what else] at the back of the peleton for the last 42 kms (…. er days) but the coffee shop is in sight so time to hit the front for the last k (…. er day) …… let it rip!

  9. Rob mcdonell Jan 08, 2012

    Go for it mate.I rode a wave with Will yesterday .your little sister even rode waves at surf school. Just proves anything is possible. Just watched the kite surfers on Andersons inlet. Hope you fly home as quick as them .Beer on ice for when you return .Cheese Rob

  10. The bORRACKS Jan 08, 2012

    Wow, so close…..I’m sure you’ll be cruising on adrenalin tomorrow. Enjoy every moment. By the way, you look very cheery and healthy for someone who has walked for 43 days through unimaginably tough conditions – and look at the size of the shelters you build every night. That alone would take most people a couple of days:-) Loving following your adventures and can’t wait to tune in tomorrow!

  11. jimbo Jan 08, 2012

    Georgie, not sure if you have this song but I think it’s apt. ” Home” Edward Sharpe….

  12. nanette Jan 08, 2012

    An effort to be proud of S-I-L. Enjoy your “achievement day”. Congratulations and safe journey home – plum pudding awaiting you.

  13. Ryan francis Jan 08, 2012

    Go Georgie,We really Respect what you are doing. The last bit of your journey will have plenty of ups and downs but you have to keep pushing on!
    P.S. We are all very proud of you :)

  14. Dave Cameron Jan 08, 2012

    Awesome effort so far Georgie…hope you can have a sleep in on the 10th!

  15. Ben mcdonell Jan 08, 2012

    Uncle mark,good luck for your next day of walking. Go hard,Go get ‘em! Love Ben.
    Keep going Uncle Mark, see you soon,can’t wait to see you
    Love Will

  16. Melinda mcdonell Jan 08, 2012

    I think I can,I think I can! I know you will. So close so proud of you, Sspeak to you tomorrow

    Love you heaps

  17. Rob mcdonell Jan 08, 2012

    Go for it georgie! Caught a wave yesterday with Will. Your lil’ sis even caught waves at surf school…..just proves anything is possible . Looking forward to opening a beer or ten I have on ice. Cheers ,Rob

  18. Gav Jan 09, 2012

    Right on mate, 44 days working hard living in a life size refrigerator. Craig and I up at Smoko keeping posted. Great Stuff. (Let me know if they serve stout at the pole)

  19. matthew amos Jan 09, 2012

    8:31am and i have just got to the office, and like the last 44 days your blog is the first thing i look at. Such an amazing achievement. So inspiring, and has really made me and many others think about what we have and the “small” issues that we deal with each day. Can’t wait to read again tomorrow! well done

  20. The CheSters Jan 09, 2012

    What an awesome achievement but where is your Richmond jumper? We are amazed with all you have done so far. Hope return trip is safe and speedy. Xx

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