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Well I spent another day at the South Pole due to low wind conditions and a whiteout. Hopefully I will be on the move tomorrow.  As I mentioned yesterday the staff at the Amundsen – Scott base gave me a sensational tour of centre.  The centre includes about eleven high level scientific projects operating by about 9 scientists and about 240 support staff.  Nice ratio!!  It is a very tight knit community and I was able to visit their local shop, buy a few mementoes and get my passport stamp for the novelty.  It has also be fascinating spending the last couple of days with fellow expeditions who all have amazing experiences to share.  I spent plenty of time chatting with Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair- Landry who have incredible adventure credentials.  Henry Worsley and Lou Rudd were also here who retraced the Amundsen route to the Pole.  Then Mark Wood arrived last night after doing the same trip as me.  All these events and new friendships are welcomed additions to the trip.
Song for the Day:  ”Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer
Mark “Georgie” George
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  1. Ridgy Jan 12, 2012

    Hot stuff here too.Tezza and ridgy surfing at coolangatta having beers for you. Having our own magical mystery tour at the eastern mainland. Severe extremes today max 30 min 22. All jokes aside we are still wishing u safe return and man hugs.cheers ridgy and tezza

  2. Colin Owens Jan 12, 2012

    Congratulations; been following your daily emails almost everyday.. fantastic outcome…. thank god you didn’t fall out of the Kayak 100 metres from shore… Take care keep well, see you when you get back…. Col.

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