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South Pole solo

Family Man

Family Man

Location : South Pole

Last night I made my call home and spoke to Chloe, Harry and Mitchell.  As usual my heart ached and I could hear the ache in their hearts as well.  Today I woke to another day with no wind suitable for kite skiing.  I made up my mind there and then, it is time.  Time for the mystery tour to end, and time for me to get home as quickly as I can.  It has been an amazing trip, a successful and safe one, but it is time for me to return to my role in the family.  Of course there are mixed emotions in any such decisions but time has run away from me to complete any meaningful return trip.  There are some logistical issues getting a flight out of here but hope it happens soon.  In the meantime, the time will give me the opportunity to prepare a talk on my adventure for those who have taken the journey with me.  More on that soon.
I will continue to add the occasional blog to tell you about my time at Hercules Inlet and Union Glacier.
Song of the Day: “Family Man”  Fleetwood Mac - yes it is about time Georgie and I am sure you all understand
Mark ‘ Georgie’ George
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  1. TG & Jan Jan 12, 2012

    Good decision MG, with unsuitable weather and time restraints, it’s definitely the way to go. Nicole, Chloe, Harry & Mitchell, Lise, melin, TG & Jan, and all other family & friends will be so happy with your decision, and eagerly await your return.

    Song of the Day: Show me (MG) the way to go home!
    (The fast way)

  2. fuzzy Jan 12, 2012

    job done.good decision.see you soon.fuzzy

  3. Graeme Jan 12, 2012

    If it’s not going to be a safe return then for sure – time to end tour.
    I’ve enjoyed the trip, just amazing.
    Thanks and all the best

  4. Janine Jan 12, 2012

    Good decision and in no time you will be reunited with your family and close friends. What you have set out to achieve and accomplished is amazing.

  5. shark Jan 12, 2012

    Looking forward to a concert on your return. Every song of the day from your trip – Mark George “Live in Concert” sings classics from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s.
    See you soon, well done mate!

  6. Tezza Jan 12, 2012

    Well done fella, and that’s a great call…there is nothing like a cuddle from the kids and the wife !

  7. Sue (James) & Steve Jan 12, 2012

    Been following these last few days of your adventure. Awesome effort cuz!! Safe trip back home to the people who hold you so close to their heart.

  8. Steve Walton Jan 12, 2012

    Once again, the right decision. Amazing effort. Return to your wife and kids as a true hero (aren’t Dads heroes anyway?) Take it easy, you deserve a rest. Steve signing off…over and out.
    Steve Tasmania

  9. Ridgy Jan 12, 2012

    Best news I’ve heard since a mate of mine skied to the south pole. Safe home well done nic and kids. Tg and Jan that boy of yours is a ripper

  10. Mongoose Jan 12, 2012

    Georgie, you are amazing. Congratulations on reaching the pole you mad fu#$@er.

  11. Bruce Craig Jan 12, 2012

    Can’t believe it took that long to decide ;- ) …hurry home mate. Be good to spend time with u in “normal” mode (e.g not scoffing 7 desserts at Alpha conference dinners).

  12. Mongrel Jan 13, 2012

    Good news – will quickly stop us asking every 10 minutes ‘ are you there yet’ ‘ how much longer’ ………stay focused and safe

  13. Lamby Jan 13, 2012

    Phheewww … great work Georgie, good move. See you soon.

  14. Chris Walter Jan 13, 2012

    Congratulations Mark on your great achievement. What a way to start 2012. Look forward to catching up when you get back. Meanwhile enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  15. Caroline Lazzarini Jan 13, 2012

    Awesome achievement Mark! Congratulations on another successful adventure.

  16. Hobbo Jan 13, 2012

    Here I sit at lunch on Friday 13 with no new entry, which I am hopping means that you are all packed and heading back this way in a little warmth & comfort? Well….. if that’s it then…… I’m off to Zoo Weekly

  17. John & Suzanne brandenberger Jan 13, 2012

    Congrayulations, what a great achievement. Seems like the other day we were discussing your trip in the office and now you have done it. Safe return home to family and friends, looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your photos. Cheers J & S

  18. The wishy's Jan 13, 2012

    Just arrived home from holidays. Congratulations Mark on your achievement. Truly a great experience by a great man. We enjoyed following your journey. Look forward to catching up soon. Safe trip home, hoping there is a Lamb roast waiting.

  19. Name JACINTA FRANCIS Jan 13, 2012

    Georgie you’re a star!
    We have spent the past few weeks with Meli, Rob & kids at Inverloch ( had an absoulte ball) and followed your journey through their eyes. We shared their excitement, intrepidation, anxious moments for that call when you made it and their love for their uncle/ bro / mate.
    Your achievement has been outstanding and we cannot wait to hear your stories. The kids are in awe of what you have done, but they as well as most, really cannot comprehend the emotions you have gone through over the past 40+ days in particular the last 2 -3 days.
    You’re beautiful family will be rejoicing that daddy is on his way home. Stay safe and be proud Georgie. Can’t wait to sit see you.
    Cint. Tons and kids

  20. Mongrel Jan 13, 2012

    For those who have ever gone to ET’s with Georgie well i have found him on youtube – I am sure this is what happened at the south pole


  21. Jim Dudley Jan 16, 2012

    Georgie awesome effort mate and bloody good decision to head home. We’ll catch up soon and help you unleash the inner MFG.

  22. Chris salter Jan 17, 2012

    Congrats mate…a very fine achievement. Let me know if you’re doing a presentation/talk when you get back. Would love to come. Christo (Union Glacier, Vinson)

  23. Chris Walter Jan 20, 2012

    Time for a nice cold one Mark in warm surrounds. Well done and congrats.

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