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Hi everyone, I am venturing into Mark’s blog to let you all know he is finally being airlifted out of the South Pole today.  He tells me that he is very cold (mm… I wonder why??) and that the flight will take about 3.5 hours!!  So 44 days in, 3.5hours out!!

Anyway, once at Union Glacier, he will wait for a flight out of Antarctica to Punta Arenas (weather dependent).  At least Union Glacier is warmer than the South Pole.

Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement….your thoughts/comments and humour have certainly been appreciated and helpful in keeping Mark’s spirits high.  Well done.


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  1. NANETTTE Jan 17, 2012

    Great news and looking forward to family catchup when Mark gets home. Well done to you too, Nicole, for keeping the home fires burning and looking after family and fort. You are an inspiration too.

  2. Tonza Jan 17, 2012

    Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for your efforts in keeping us all informed. Reading the blog has become a daily ritual for many here at work. Your support must have played an enormous role in helping Mark achieve his goal. I hope you have had the time to enjoy the moment. Cheers to you and the kids

  3. Harveys Jan 20, 2012

    Brilliant effort Mark. Embarrassed we entered the blog late. It Is a great read all at once. Nicole had been keeping us updated. Congrats on your achievement. Catch up with you back here soon. Steve, Shell
    Genna and Dane

  4. Goffy Jan 24, 2012

    Congratulations Georgie! I missed following the final stages as I was at VB with no internet but was rapt to see you arrive safely at the pole. After watching a novice kite surfer struggle at Venus Bay I think you made a good decision to come home whilst you’re still in one piece! Have a safe journey home. Catch you at the G with Joffa some time.
    PS. Expect to see “Sled – only used once” on E-bay soon!

  5. Tegan Jan 30, 2012

    Hi Mark, Nicole, Chloe and the boys,

    Just got home from a month in Thailand and caught up on your blog! Seems you have achieved something truly amazing and I have shared your story with as many people as I could!

    Glad to hear you are well and are soon to be reunited with the family. It has been great hearing your stories!

    All the best to the whole George family and a special shout out to Chlo, good luck in Grade THREE you little rockstar!!!

    Tegan (aka Miss Moorhouse)

  6. Ruth S Jan 30, 2012

    Mark – very well done! So glad you made it (never doubted though) and was great to meet you at Union Glacier before you set out. We also made it on 29 Dec after 38 days and some drama. Hope your homecoming was all you dreamed about out there on the ice! Ruth

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